Before, There Was Nothing


Meet The Maker

Hi, I’m Mark, Bassist By Trade & Owner Of One Magnificent Beard. 2020 Was One Hell Of A Year, Lockdown, I Become Apart Of A Coparenting Dream Team & Transformed Myself Into The Dad I Wanted To Be. All Whilst Raising The Two Most Amazing Little Bambino’s.

Why Papa Tweed’s?

Out Of The Pure Hatred For Everything Toxic, I’d Heard “Thats Girly” Far To Often!
Yorkies Not For Girls Can Suck It!

I Love Beard Products But Found Most Mainstream Companies Only Offered “Manly Fragrances”. Where’s The Peaches?? So Papa Tweed’s Was Born, Everything Beautiful That I Could Craft Was Created. SelfCare Absolutely Ain’t Selfish, & I Love Pink!

Be Whoever The Hell You Wanna Be, Smell However You Wanna Smell, & Love Whatever You Wanna Love.

However, It Ain’t All Sunshine & Rainbows, Ambitious Me, Wades In, Balls Deep, To Accumulate £4000 Worth Of Debt. Cupboards Full Of Oils & Scents, Containers Of Wasted Ingredients & Recipes, A Website, Designs & Labels Half Finished, I Had Bitten Off Far More Than I Could Chew. Yet Still The Tenacious Beard World Hadn’t Quite Finished Bending Me Over, But The CPSR World Is Another Blog Post!

“He Had Something You Didn’t Have... A Great Big Bushy Beard!!”

Beyond All The Hurdles, The Humps, Missed Deadlines Id Set & Money I’d Squandered. I’m Outrageously Proud Of The Company I’ve Crafted, The People I’ve Met & The Person I’ve Become. My Beard Kind Tee Was Inspired By How Amazing The Beard Community Is, Life Changing People. So I Wouldn’t Change My Experience, I’ve Loved Every Second Of It.

Reflect... Be Proud... & Grow Some Face Fur.

So If You’re Thinking Of Starting A Company, Do It. Get Creative, Get Involved, F*ck It... Best Thing You’ll Ever Do.

You’re My Favourite 🤘