The Spoils Of Beard Oil

So Back To The Basics, Why Use Beard Oil?... It Moisturises & Hydrates The Skin, Softens & Moisturises Your Beard Leaving You With A Thicker, Fuller Looking Beard.... Not Using Beard Oil??? You’re Mental... Why The Heck Not???


I’m Regularly Asked Why I Use It? What Is It? Do I Need It If I Only Have Stubble???Hell Yeah You Need It, Especially If You’ve Got Stubble. The Stubble Phase Is The Hardest Part To Deal With... Dry Skin, Rough & Tough Beard, Itchy As F**K.... Beard Oils Are The Beast Of All Beard Care.

Enriched With Non-Greasy & Nourishing Oils

All Beard Oils Vary In Ingredients, Specially Chosen By Their Makers For Their Benefits. Papa Tweed’s Oils Are Made Up Of 7 Main Ingredients, All Aimed At Strengthening The Man Mane Making It Irresistible. Honestly, I Walk Around Touching Mine All Day... So Here’s Three Of My Favourites Oils.

Argan Oil - A Light Oil Targets Dry Skin, Preventing Dandruff & Beard Itch.

Jojoba Oil - Aimed At Moisturising The Beard Reducing Breakages.

Sunflower Oil - Prevents Hair loss, Rich In Fatty Acids, Omega & Vitamins Keeping Hair Soft.

Do Oils Really Make A Difference?

Natural Oils Are Proven To Stimulate Hair Follicles, Moisturise The Skin Underneath & Strengthen The Roots Of Your Beard.  Fact, Your Beard Can Only Be As Strong As The Skin Underneath. When Anything Becomes Dry, It Becomes Brittle & Breaks, Leaving You With A Patchy Beard. With A Little Oil & Your Daily H2O, You’ll Be Rockin’ A 10” Mane In No Time.

I Will Always Smell Good

Oils Smell Bloody Good Too! I Always Hear, I Haven’t Got Time Or I Forget, Once You Get Used To The Feel, The Smell & How Damn Amazing You Look... You’ll Take That & Never Forget. I Spend More Time Cleaning My Teeth Or Shaving My Head Than I Do The 5 Seconds It Takes To Apply Oil. So For All Those That Give Up & Shave... Get Some Oil & Start From The First Sign Of Growth... You’ll Never Shave Again 😉🤘