I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter

What Is Beard Butter?

No it doesn’t go on bread... & you can’t eat it. But that doesn’t stop it looking bloody good enough to eat.

Beard butter is a blend of various butters, usually shea or mango, blended with carrier oils to condition, protect & soften your beard.

Whipped Or Not?

Months of slippery, slimy concoctions, with whipped tins of butter in every direction. Creating a whipped blend of butters & carrier oils, was much more complex than originally planned.

So I originally whipped the blend into a helium light fluff & attempted to pipe it into its tin, it worked quite well for the first attempt, apart from the horrendous amount of cream squeezing out of every crevice & hole unknown to man, all whilst racing this quick drying cement. But hell... don’t forget, these things are like gremlins... rule number one, never expose it to sunlight.

After discovering the flash like melting point, & realising there’s more air in these things than actual product, I decided to back off with the whipping process so it could still be poured after it’s brutal whippage.

Rule number two, don’t lick your fingers.

Honestly, it smells bloody amazing and after whipping, dependant on duration, it looks like freshly whipped cream. Without even realising, I licked my fingers.... Well... A nourishing blend of tobacco & oak bursting the seems of the back of my throat, it wasn’t quite the old fashioned taste I was expecting. 


 After months of trialling various blends, sending out products to see if they’d survive in the mail, I’d finally found my favourite blend. A lightly whipped, poured butter... with a light creamy texture that smothers into your beard easily, to nourish the roots, skin & leave your beard feeling soft. My perfection. 

The Old Day Time Night Time Palaver

Mainly a marketing strategy to get more sales, however, one of my blends did turn out quite oily which left a slimy, oily feeling throughout the day... but, when used on a nighttime, you’d wake up feeling beeeeautiful. So I get it when companies advertise day or night products. For me personally, id rather adjust slightly to get the perfect blend. Still offering the same benefits but without the oily texture, vanquishing the need for daytime or nighttime butters. But heck... use it whenever you damn  feel like it, A butter is an exceptional addition to your bearded regime.